PENTA LASER 15KW LAUNCH EVENT open successfully on April 28th, its the first 15KW super high power fiber laser cutting machine.From the China first 8000W fiber laser cutting machine to the first 10KW,and now the first 15KW,PENTA LASER keep refreshing the new records of high power laser processing equipment assembling in the last 2 years,filling the blank of High-end laser equipment market of China.

PENTA LASER make a plan of "China Manufacture 2025", will continue increasing investment in scientific and technological innovation research,building smart factory, pushing intelligent manufacture, and leading laser cutting technology and application to new heights.PENTA LASER 15KW fiber laser cutting machine is now the most efficient,the fastest and the best performance laser cutting machine of the world.

Compared with the former 10KW level high power fiber laser cutting machine,PENTA LASER 15KW super high power laser cutting machine breaks technical barriers.PENTA LASER join hands with Italian SamrtCae centre update the main frame,use the Nastran Sol200 Protocol system to analysis the simulation, effectively improve the dynamic performance of the main frame, meets the requirements of movement speed 200 m/min and the  4G dynamic response acceleration.90% of key parts from international brands,PENTA LASER 15KW equipped with high power laser cutting head to support equipment long time running with high efficiency and stability.Installed with Smart Manager 4.0 CNC software,optimize various punching patterns, adopted the new generation of leapfrog management mode to move more smoothly.The 15KW also has a unique cutting process database, which can realize fast piercing, medium thin plate speed cutting, fine cutting, bright surface cutting and other cutting requirements.

PENTA LASER(Wenzhou)Co.,Ltd is introduced to Wenzhou city by the government as an important industrial project with the overall investment of 500 million RMB,and annual production capability is up to 3 billion RMB.PENTA LASER brings in advanced Italian laser application technology,and strictly followed European standards,Penta's products are renowned for its stability,reliability,and fast-response service as well. PENTA LASER sticks to its principle of quality first,innovation driven and service oriented,we expect to create the laser application in the smart era.

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