Bolt (4-15kW)

Classification:Fiber Laser System

High power Bolt cuts thicker,faster and better.


Bolt is Penta's high end series for customers that demands extremely high performance and efficiency. 



-IPG or Trudisk laser source from 1kw to 12kw at your choice

-Double servo motor driven synchronously, bring higher speed and acceleration

-Double driving synchonous technology make sure high speed and precision cutting

-Auto Focus Cutting Head dedicated for high power (Precitec)

-Dedicated laser CNC that makes the best and most of the laser

-Fast pallet exchanger and full enclosure

-Handy embedded cutting database

Innovative Points of 12-15KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

-The machine body's thermal processing technology, which can ensure the stability and precision.

-High power specialized  cutting head, which can support durable and stable cutting.

-Unique cutting database for fast piercing, high speed cutting and thick plate cutting, cutting capacity for stainless steel and aluminum is up to 50mm.

-Assemble with new version of Smart Manager 4.0 CNC software, which optimize various of piercing mode, adopt new generation of frog jump management, and move fluently without any pauses; Thin materials' productivity promoted more than 25%.


Technical Specification

Model BOLT
Rapid Speed (m/min) 200 (acceleration 4G)
Accuracy (mm/m) ±0.03
Mechanical Repeatability (mm/m) ±0.01
Rate output power(W) 2000 3000 4000 6000 8000 10000 12000/15000
Maximum cutting thickness of mild steel (mm) 16 20 20 25 25 25 25
Maximum cutting thickness of stainless steel (mm) 6-8 8-10 16 20 25 30 50
Working Table(mm) 3000×1500/4000×2000/4000×2500/6000×2000/6000×2500/8000×2000

Cutting Samples:

                      30mm Aluminum                                                           25mm Mild Steel                                                           30mm Stainless Steel

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