CO2 Laser Plus Model

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Bolt Model 3015/4020/6020/6025 Laser Power:4000W/6000W/8000W Work Table:3m*1.5m 4m*2m 6m*2m 6m*2.5m Rapid Speed:120m/min Tel:+86 27-8173 6331 Tel:+86 27-8745 7235


CO2 Laser Cutting machine(Plus Model) is designed for customers who require for extremely high cutting speed with high power and big table size. We have Dual-core technologies for Laser source, cutting head, CNC System and machine body integration, we are the few company who can produce CO2 laser cutting machine.

Plus Model Features:
-High Performance Yaskawa motors fixed to a gantry and cross slide structure
-Superior edge quality plus high cutting speed
-High precision driven box using World Leader-Top Quality Rack & Pinion Drive Technologies and Gearbox
-Advanced European dual processor CNC system for axial movement
-Direct laser control with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
-5.0” and 7.5” Focal Length High Pressure Lenses with Digital focus adjustment
-Automatic Gas Assist System
-Advanced Cutting Head anti-collision device
-Windows™ Driven Control Software with Materials Parameters Database
-Fully Interlocked Safety Enclosure on cutting table
-Advanced Metal Cutting Post Processor software (Lantek, Alma, AutoCAD)

-Dimension:3m*1.5m, 4m*2m, 6m*2m, 8m*2m, available

-2200W,3000W,4000W,6000W available





Rapid speed (m/min 



Accuracy (mm/m) 


Mechanical repeatability(mm) 


Laser source 

CO2 Laser Source 

Leaser length(um) 


Power range(W)


Maximum cutting thickness of mild steel (mm) with assistant gas O2






Maximum cutting thickness of stainless steel (mm) with assistant N2






Working tablemm 

3000×1500 /4000×2000/6000×2000/8000×2000

Why Plus Model?

El.En Group CO2 Laser Source:

The new generation laser resonators encompasses decades of experience in the field of high power CO2 laser sources. The beam focus tolerance to center is maintained within 5.0% of the nozzle orifice diameter. Beam perpendicularity is maintained to within 2 milli-radians and centered to the cutting lens within 2.5mm radius. 


The great thermo-mechanical stability of the laser resonator permits its use in the most extreme industrial conditions. The innovative double Kinematic support system guarantees total disjunction between the laser performances and the mechanical and thermo-mechanical movements of the chassis. This patented solution gives to the resonator an exceptional stability and repeatability in both the long and short term.


Equipped with fast flow axial CO2 laser source, Plus CNC Laser Cutting Machine distinguishes itself from that of slab laser source of the same power with much higher photoelectric transformation efficiency, less give-off of heat and thus need of low power water-cooling unit.


Due to the adoption of electromagnetic oil-free centrifugal turbine to laser source of EL.EN, our CO2 machine can realize maintenance-free for 40,000 hours; the laser source utilizes modular laser power technology, which is of good directivity and no reshaping, so the use of optic devices is low and maintenance is as simple as of low cost.


·Wavelength 10.6μm  

·Power Stability  3%

·Gas Mix composition  CO2 N2 He (4:26:70)

·Gas mix Consumption  25 Normal liter / hour (Normal liter: 1 liter at atmosphere pressure)

·The new C2200 DC lasers uses 30% less power than other RF laser sources, which complements the machine’s operating costs



Auto Focus Cutting Head

Auto focus cutting head by El.En Group or Precitec features with smart piercing and piercing detection functions that greatly reduce setting-up time and increase the efficiency.

-Quick and convenient lens-changing of both 5” & 7.5” Lens

-Stable Z axis floating function

-Anti-collision to prevent collision

-Piercing tracking

-Automatically return to breakpoint

-Automatically making adjustment focus point in accordance with changed material

-Water cooling


Machine Body

Structural Dynamic Design and Variate Analysis technology of Finite Element Method enable the base own 

outstanding dynamic and static features. The frame-structure base is made with high quality steel plates by professional OEM partners through welding, secondary aging treatment and precision machining by large-scale gantry-structure milling machine. All of these designs and processing make sure the excellent vibration resistance, 

rigidity and stability.


Advanced CNC control

The Penta PLUS System is complete with is front-end software: Z32 Control System. This software has been developed within the Windows XP Professional environment. It eliminates the possibility of memory overrun.


The critical motion system remains housed in a PC based real time machine control, so that the expected performance and reliability is maintained. The merging of the control and the Windows ™ based PC is invisible to the operator.


The control easily facilitates graphic, conversational and conventional ISO formats for manual data input programming. The built in cutting database assists inexperienced operators to choose optimal cutting parameters including advance head set table to cut small hole on thick material. The system can also communicate with an off-line computer via Ethernet connection 

Operation Software(Smartmanager4.0)

Our own operation software has many pratical functions such as: Edge-sharing CuttingAuto Edge Detection Function, Flying Cutting, Job Report, Re-start the job etc.


Lantek Nesting Software

The Nesting software package includes a standard Cad 2D license plus advance metal cutting features, such as Auto Nesting, Pre-Piercing, Auto lead in-out. It converts standard DWG and DXF files into PLUS ISO file.

Cutting Samples:


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