Laser Tube Cutting System

Classification:Laser Tube Cutting System

Whirl Model:7010/7020/10010/10020 Laser Power:1KW/2KW/3KW Work Table:7m/10m Tel:+86 27-8173 6331 Tel:+86 27-8745 7235


Whirl Series are designed and manufactured for tube cutting, mainly used for processing of circular tube, square tube, oval tube and other kinds of special shaped products. It supplys good solution for tube cutting with its good performance.

Whirl Model Features:
-Can cut cylindrical holes in different direction and with different diameters on main tube; Meet the branch pipe axis intersect with the vertical head axis eccentricity and eccentric.
-Can cut the curve cutting cylindrical end in the pipe end; meet the branch pipe axis intersect with the vertical head axis eccentricity and eccentric, as well as the tilt intersection.
-Can cut oblique cutting face on tube end.
-Can cut branch pipe axis end which intersected with the circular main pipe.
-Can cut through square tubes and realize 360 degree rotation cutting.
-Can cut square hole and waist shape hole on circular tube.
-1000W,2000W is available

-7m,10m is available, also can customize the length based on clients' requirement.

Technical Specification

Items Unit Model
Power W 1000 1500 2000
X Travel mm 7500
Y travel mm 250
Z travel mm 160
Rotation axis A\P travel Degree nX360 度
Straight axis maximum positioning speed m/min 90
Straight axis positioning accuracy(VDI 3441) mm/m ± 0.03
Rotation axis maximum speed Turn/min 90
Rotation axis re-positioning accuracy Arc-minute ±8
Chuck Piece Major one/center one 2 chucks
Control type of chuck chucking automatically
Clamping tube’s diameter range mm 20-180
Power Consumption KVA 50 55 60
Dimension m 13(L)X2.8(W)X2.5(H)
Auto Loading m Optional 8(L)X2.2(W)X2.3(H)

Cutting Samples:


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